Do Keratin Bonds Ruin Your Hair?

Do Keratin Bonds Ruin Your Hair?

Don't let horror stories of crummy, lazy, bad keratin bonded (sometimes referred to as "Fusion") applications, scare you away from getting keratin bond extensions! Of course, if you skim the internet for photos of hair extension before and afters, it is possible you may come across the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good: results from a professional -a very clean and pristine result. Bad: stylist usually NOT certified in hair extensions or is unlicensed, commonly looking to make a quick buck, possibly showing images of damaged hair from incorrect install/removal. And the ugly: extensions that may have been installed properly, but weren't blended correctly or maybe even at all. *Note: Blending the hair extensions with the clients natural hair plays a very important part in order for the extensions to look natural. -No one wants to walk around with stair-step layers, a mullet, or  a mushroom sitting on top of their head! This is where the stylist having their cosmetology license comes into play! How well the client maintains their extensions is also important in regards to the integrity of their hair. If their extensions are too grown out and they continue to wear them, this can put stress on the natural hair. Keratin Bonds have been very beneficial to numerous clients since it allows them to grow out previously damaged hair! 

Whether damage be a result of a previous  sew-in, or a chemical cut (hair lightened so much it breaks off), this is a much better option as it gives the natural hair a break from having to style it as much. 9/10 times, the reason the integrity of the natural hair is compromised is because of the removal process. Clients don't always return to the same stylist who initially installed their extensions -which is a big NO-NO! Every stylist has their own unique technique when applying keratin bonds, so it is imperative that the client return to the same stylist when time for removal, (since they know exactly how to remove what they installed)! 

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT think that because you watched some YouTube tutorial, that you can remove the extensions yourself! This is indeed a common and painful mistake that clients make, and end up breaking/tearing out their own hair. Though sometimes tedious, Keratin bond removal should never be rushed! All in all, there are endless success stories of client's "nightmare hair" that wouldn't grow, now flourishing beautifully thanks to keratin bonds giving their natural hair a break. 

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