While Choosing an Extension Artist

While Choosing an Extension Artist

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS ask to see their hair extension certification! I cannot stress this enough! Beware of "LICENSED or CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS". Extreme hair damage can be a result of inexperienced hair stylists. Just because they hold their cosmetology license does not mean they are any more experienced than the next person who says they do hair extensions. Just as there are stylists who specialize in blonding, or precision cuts, there are stylists who also specialize in hair extensions (which is your recommended search). Furthering education courses are offered and though not mandatory of licensed cosmetologists, HIGHLY recommended to those who wish to list themselves as "certified" in any hair extension method. This requires the stylist to achieve all course requirements and receive a legitimate course completion certificate, signed and dated with a stylist code. This stylist code is how you may verify if your hair stylist is legitimately "certified". Sure, there are a lot of stylists out there claiming to be professionals, but you want to make sure you have your hair done properly with care! I get weighed down with calls from clients who have gone to other "professionals” to get their extensions installed, and they are now slipping out, placed wrong, and above all -damaging their hair! -We all know this is a luxury service, and not necessarily considered “cheap". Some of my new clients have experienced severe damage to their natural hair and now spots in these poor women's heads are permanently bald and hair will not regenerate to grow.

The goal of hair extensions is to help promote hair growth, not continue to damage your hair so you have to wear hair extensions for extensive periods of time! Being "quicker" isn't necessarily better and remember to ask for their extension certification! -I CANNOT STRESS THIS TO YOU ENOUGH! Our hair is a main contribution to what makes us feel beautiful. I will make sure your hair is properly cared for and that your extensions are installed correctly!

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