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Fairy Hair Extensions

Benefits of Fairy Hair Extensions?

Hair can be made longer, fuller or both! A bad haircut as well as a chemical cut (from bleach/lighteners breaking off your natural hair) can be resolved instantly.

Highlights or a combination of highs and lows can be created without using chemicals that damage the natural hair.

Highlighting is also beneficial to clients who can’t pull that certain shade of blonde, or for pregnant women who are trying to avoid using harsh chemicals. Waiting for that annoying bob to grow out can be avoided, “Hooray!” Women and men suffering from hypothyroidism can have full, voluminous hair again!

Although some believe extensions are high maintenance, in reality they can actually save a lot of time spent styling. The natural hair gets a break by not having to style and process it as much. The extension strands are individually placed, which creates movement that stimulates the scalp and best of all, promotes hair growth! Many “extension newbies” decide they love hair extensions and continue wearing them after trying them for the first time.

Imagine having the world’s thickest hair created by the smallest extension system in the land! Fairy Hair now makes your fairytale hair dreams come true!

What are the different types of fairy hair offered?

Fairy Hair comes in a variety of colors and textures, offering over 20 color options and combinations, and about a dozen funky lollipop colors, fun to throw in for some peekaboo highlights or a festival.

There are 2 texture patterns: Straight and Body Wave. Fairy Hair comes standard in 20 inches in length, but may be trimmed or custom ordered to fit your full Fairy Tale Hair Fantasy!

Whether it's 12 inches added to your everyday style for a little volume or 26 inches for a luscious, luxurious look, Fairy Hair will take you there!

What Makes Fairy Hair Extensions "Better"?

Fairy Hair aren't your average hair extensions! The quality is unrivaled by any other extension on the market.

Imported from Russia and individually hand selected from Slavic regions, Fairy Hair extensions can be styled, permed, and colored - allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair.

To guarantee Fairy Hair’s select eminence, the cuticles are left intact giving them a refined glossy look, as well as manageable quality and feel that you will truly be astonished by. With others, to get decent results, you have to repurchase extensions every 4-6 months.

Fairy Hair extensions are reusable, giving you unrelenting satisfaction of beautiful hair, lasting up to 2 years with proper care. Fairy Hair will enable you to transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into the beholder of thick, long, tresses of hair.

Can you provide information on other extension companies and providers besides the one in question?

Every hair extension company is different and promote their hair extension system and hair in their own way. The majority of these systems are: Keratin Bond, Microlink or Tape based. They train stylists by their extension method and are the sole provider of all promotional materials, products, and hair to salons. They always claim that others will damage the hair but remember:

  • Every company does not offer the same quality of hair; some is higher quality, some lower.
  • The technician applying the extensions plays a HUMONGOUS part in the quality of work.
  • Cutting extensions is difficult but an imperative part of the installation.
    How well the quality of the extensions is maintained is up to the client.
  • Different extension methods will appeal to different lifestyles and hair types.

How Much Do Extensions Cost?

  • The longer the length of the hair extension, the higher the cost.
  • The thicker your natural hair is, the more hair extensions needed to be purchased.
  • Hair companies and brands do not consist of the same quality of hair –every manufacturer is different.
  • The better quality of the hair extension, the higher the cost.
  • Synthetic, Yaki or hair from India/Asia can sometimes reduce cost, though Fairy Hair does not provide such low quality of hair to our beloved clients.
  • Total cost depends on the look, length and how many pieces are added to the natural hair. *Pricing may vary subject to client.

Where Does Other Hair Come From?

Human hair extensions come primarily from Europe, India, and Asia. The record shows that the majority of hair extension companies use hair that has been de-cuticulized which in turn leaves it coarse, difficult to work with, to brush, and to untangle. These countries sell their hair to extension companies as "Remy" that tends to tangle, break, and shed horribly. This "Remy" hair is better known to professionals to as "throwaway hair", which is cheap, low-quality hair designed to be disposable.

How many blondes do you see in India or Asia? The hair pigment is naturally black in color and has to be repeatedly bleached to lighten, which dramatically deteriorates its quality and look - the reason why you can only use the extension once. Poor quality hair extensions mean cheap-looking results.There are so many varieties of human hair. Some hair is chemically processed to reach different colors and textures. Since the hair has been treated with chemicals it is lower quality, being less expensive. Unfortunately, this is what is handed off in most salons, which requires the client to repurchase hair more often. Fairy Hair goes through a different cleansing process where color and tones are safely added, and the texture is natural.

How Long Does Each Extension Method Last Before Removal?

  • Micro links can last up to 6 months without changing placement. Standard maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks. *If the client goes past 6 weeks, they could incur an additional charge since additional time will be required for maintenance.
  • Keratin bonds can last up to 3-6 months without changing placement. Maintenance is not required but is subject upon client request.
  • Tinkerlinks can last up to 12 weeks. Maintenance is not necessary with this method, though subject to touch-ups/fills upon client request.
  • Tapes can safely last up to 8 weeks. With normal washings and styling, tape extensions usually last 6-8 weeks with no maintenance. 
  • Fairy Hair Sparkle Strands can last up to 2 months+ with minimal styling. With normal wear and tear, sparkle strands will usually last 1-2 weeks, though many factors can allow the strands to stay in much longer or come out quicker. 

How long until I receive my Fairy Hair Extensions?

Please remember, since FAIRY HAIR™ is handcrafted by our hair fairies in Russia, delivery can take 2–7 days after placing your order. We appreciate your patience, and we promise it is well worth the wait! We guarantee you'll love your new Fairy Hair, or you may return it within 7 days of receiving it, as long as it is unopened and in its original factory packaging. Custom orders or hair not in stock may take up to 14 business days to arrive.