The Secrets ofFairy Hair Extensions vs "Other" Brands

FAIRY HAIR™'s extension system has several secrets. One is that the actual strand of hair itself is thicker in weight compared to anything found in stores or online. Competitors weighing in at 1 gram or less result in a stringy, piece-y look towards the bottom, making it obvious that you are wearing extensions (which we've all seen before). FAIRY HAIR™ has revolutionized the hair extension market! Not only is each FAIRY HAIR™ strand 2x thicker than other hair extensions, but it also lasts twice as long as its rivals. This means NO MORE wasting money on repurchasing hair every 6 months! Designing combined techniques for totally undetectable and flawless outcomes, FAIRY HAIR™ offers various methods of extensions, including but not limited to invisible beaded rows, hand-tied/volume wefts, i-tip micro links and beads, keratin bond fusion, invisible tapes, and the exclusively new, Tinkerlinks™!

Tinkerlinks™ are the newest addition to FAIRY HAIR™, making it the smallest extension system out yet, being 1/10 the size of your average microlink or microbead! This cuts down on bulkiness near the sides of your hair and delivers nothing other than a clean, pristine result. This extension method may be combined with other methods for a pristine result.

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Imagine having the world's thickest hair created by the smallest extension system in the​ land!

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Our Company Commitment:

Competitively, FAIRY HAIR™ is the top hair extension company that has been successfully in business for over 10 years. FAIRY HAIR™'s extension artists have been exclusively trained to specialize in natural and dramatic hair transformations. With minimal to no shedding and a natural wave pattern when wet, FAIRY HAIR™ will act just as if it were your own. Whether it be waist-long fairy tale hair or a little added volume to your everyday style, FAIRY HAIR™ will take you there!

Please remember, since FAIRY HAIR™ is handcrafted by our hair fairies in Russia, delivery can take 2–7 days after placing your order. We appreciate your patience, and we promise it is well worth the wait! We guarantee you'll love your new Fairy Hair, or you may return it within 7 days of receiving it, as long as it is unopened and in its original factory packaging. Custom orders or hair not in stock may take up to 14 business days to arrive.