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Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust

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Diamond dust is very similar to our color Prism Frost, rather these strands glisten in the sun like a dancing fire. Diamond Dust is a dazzling and mystical hue that mirrors the brilliance of the most precious gemstones. It radiates a soft, luminescent glow, reminiscent of the sparkling facets of a fairy's diamond tiara or the luminous tears of a magical creature. This whimsical color exudes an aura of rare beauty, capturing the essence of timeless elegance and enchantment, making it the perfect shade for portraying the fairy tale realm's most exquisite and treasured elements.

-Our best seller 

-Accents most hair colors

-Can be washed, dried, are color and heat resistant up to 250F

-Approx Length: 40"
Width: 0.2-0.3mm

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