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Fairy's Gold

Fairy's Gold

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Fairy’s Gold is a captivating and magical color that draws inspiration from the enchanting world of fairies and folklore. It's a radiant and shimmering hue with a warm, golden base, reminiscent of the precious metal gold. However, it has a unique, otherworldly quality that sets it apart. Imagine a brilliant, ethereal gold infused with a touch of fairy dust, giving it a subtle, enchanting sparkle. This color evokes feelings of wonder, magic, and whimsy, as if it were a treasure from the realm of fairies themselves.

-One of our most versatile colors, stunning on blondes and beautiful on brunettes.

-Can be washed, dried, are color and heat resistant up to 250F

-Approx Length: 40"
Width: 0.2-0.3mm

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