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Flutter Shears

Flutter Shears

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Behold the enchanting minuscule marvels known to all fairy’s as FlutterShears! Crafted from silver moonbeams and stardust, these dainty scissors are perfectly sized for fairy hands.

With handles resembling the petals our ancestors stood on and blades sharper than the wit of a mischievous pixie, the FlutterShears effortlessly trim the tiniest tendrils of magic-infused Fairy Hair™.

FlutterShears dangle playfully from a delicate silver chain so you won’t misplace them. Best of all, you and your sparkling fae are protected by the these dainty FlutterShears because when not in use, these miniature marvels slumber in their protective sheath, nestled in the embrace of starlit dreams and guarded by the gentle whispers of the night.

•9.5mm L x 6.1 W
•Chain 32 inches
•Stainless Steel

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