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Virtual/In-Person Fairy Hair™ Training Course™℠®© $777 Kit Included

Virtual/In-Person Fairy Hair™ Training Course™℠®© $777 Kit Included

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Virtual/In-Person Fairy Hair™ Sparkle Strands Training Course™℠®© for all! That's right, we are now offering the real deal, Original Fairy Hair™ Training Course™℠®© to everyone, everywhere, near and far, at an affordable price -whether you are a beauty professional or not!

Our course is composed of a series of brief presentations (amounting to 2 hours) in which we will discuss not only Fairy Hair™ methods and tying techniques, Fairy Hair™ positioning, but also Fairy Hair™ color placement, letting you in on exclusive Fairy Hair™ tricks of the trade, and the best way to effectively manage and market your sparkling new Fairy Hair™ business.

As the Original Fairy Hair™ manufacturers, using our top-shelf products with our instruction accelerates your progress toward effective practice and mastering the Fairy Hair™ Knot. Upon course purchase, you will promptly receive an email containing your shipping information and online meeting link (if online class is preferred). 

The Fairy Hair™ Training Course™℠®© includes our Fairy Hair™ Kit that ensures effortless success in setting up events in just a blink of an eye! Our exclusive Fairy Hair™ Kit will come equipped with all Fairy Hair™ tools, as well as 11 packs of Fairy Hair™, each pack offering 100 strands! You will receive a certificate to display at events or the salon. You can make your kit investment back with just one event!

PLEASE READ the terms and conditions before buying the course.

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